Medieval longtoed shoe.

A leatherjacket, well well what to do with that? I was thinking about using it for the upperside of a shoe, and use some thicker leather for the sole.

However I was so eager to start. That I started to cut and sew the shoe and suddenly I had a pair of medieval longtoed shoes.

Here you can find some useful facts about medieval shoes.


I began with the pattern, wich I describe at tygskosidan. ( I haven´t had the time to translate it to english yet, but maby the pictures can guide you) It is the same pattern as for shoes in fabric, but without a longtoe.







Apperently the seam is supposed to be sewed at the inside of the shoe, and not as I did sewed at the outside. But it is easy changed at the pattern. The pattern is made with the extra part for the longtoe, from the beginning.






Sew the seam for the the upper part, so that it have a seam that holds it together. To sew in leather feels a little bit like sewing in butter, if you use a special needle for leather.

The leather needle has a knifelike side, and doesn´t just push thru but will cut its way thru. The best part about leather is that you don´t have to stich the allowance.




Start with the edges of the overside, so that it fits the edges of the sole. If you need to correct, do it at the heel, or at the outer side.

Why? Well the heel most probably is rounded a little bit under,and if the shoe feels to tight, it will probably easiest strech at the outer seam. At least I thought so.

The upper side of the shoe was sewed to the sole, and turned inside out. Suddenly left shoe became right shoe and vice versa.




At the opening I sewed a leather piece around, with a piece of fabric inside.

I did cut out a piece ca 3 cm broad(ca 1½") and so long that it covered around the opening. I sewed the inside by machine, turned it and hand stiched from the outside. I did put string or in my case some fabric inside just to make it look thicker.

This finishing edge is made because the opening will be extra streched when getting in and out of the shoe.



The shoe will work very well indoors, and maby a sunny day. But it is not recommendable to wear the shoe outside when it is wet. As it is just "my" shoe

I embroidiered L af T.

That stands for my medieval name. Lady Lovisa af Tallkotten






Well well the next time I will make the toe even longer, so that I have to have a string to my knee to hold up the toe;-) and the sole in thicker leather.

To get the shoe comfortable, to walk in,I bought an innersole in a shoe shop,