Medieval shoe and hat

pattern for a shoe



Start to make a drawing of your foot on a piece of cloth. Stand on the drawing and put some cloth over your foot. Pin it together, step out of the pattern, and try to draw along the pinning. You will get something that looks like a pattern of a shoe and is directly fitting your foot.

You can add a longer piece in the middle of the front





Test shoe in cloth


I made a test shoe out of cloth, with the sole made out of leather from a leather jacket. Just because I wanted to se if the pattern was right, and it was. (Those shoes feels like heaven to my tired feet.)



Test shoe and hat




After the Irish inspired dress I had some darkred wool left, so I decided to make a hat together with the dress and my test shoes. The hat is made from an ordinary pattern of medieval hats. But the Irish inspired dress, the shoes and the hat are decorated with the same simpel embroidery along the sides and hems. This will give all the singel pieces joined together look like one outfit.