Who am I?

Further I can tell you that I do the most peculiar things sometimes. Who hasn't been wondering what it is like to put some  pommes- strips in to your nose when you go to Mc Donald's?
Well I tried, and now I know what it's like. What a relief, to finally know!
I have had many thoughts about everything, especially when I have made the dish. That is a place and a time when I think very good. Nowadays I have machine for the dish, so the question is. Do I think any more?

In the late 70:ies or early 80:ies I found the following text in a week paper, (from the beginning it was in Danish but I will try to translate it very freely.)


This little peace of paper whit this text has, been put up on my my fridge for many years, and it has helped me to think in new ways. Everetime I have hesitated,- Can I do this or that I have tried to think about how very short a life is. And why not, of course I can do it! It really doesn't matter 100 years from now.
Well I mean, who want's to sit in a wheelchair at the end of your life, thinking about all those things you could have done, when you had the chance, and regret that you didn't!.
Another thought, from this time when I made the dish manually is. Who is becoming more happy if you change your stile and habits, to what people call a better way? Probably the people around you, but not you. But you will always have a choice. Use your head!!

As I don't have to do the dish manually anymore, I think while I'm in the garden, trying to make it look nice. You know with nice lawns and flower beds.  We moved in to an old house last summer, and together with the house there was this garden, which needs looking after. But I soon found out that people ( especially the neighbors) think that, working in the earth, is much more sophisticated than to keep your kitchen clean. ( But if a man  make the dish, guess what will happen!)