We moved in to "our" house midsummerday 1997. It was just me and the kids, my husband works at sea and is very seldom at home. I packed and packed and packed, box after box. Finally the big day for the big move came. Everything went well until the sofa was supposed to be brought in to the living room. The sofa was to big!!!!!!!!! We had to put it on the terrace.
In the evening I  and the kids were supposed to eat our first meal in the house, but where were the box with the kitchen stuff?? And no light. Okay it became a candle light evening together with the kids, what a hit.
Suddenly I hear a scream from the cellar! Mamma the toilet doesn't flush!
 --What?? is it leaking? I took of the lid from the toilet and started to pluck inside.

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-Now it's working I said triumphantly! And looked very pleased with myself. The youngest kid decided that she has to try immediately, the same thing happens again. It doesn't work. I can see how the admiration from my kids sinks a little bit. Maybe I'm not so very good at fixing toilets after all!


After this incident we had a candle light evening. Then we looked up our beds, and slept where ever the bed could fit in among all the boxes. I admit it felt kind of scary. It felt a little bit of strange, surrounded by boxes, and with spooky shades. It didn't smell like home either.

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On the third day, I had almost found everything, and put the furniture together, thrown away empty boxes and papers, been to a family reunion, checked out the lawnmower, ordered new garbage cans, put the tv-set and video together.
On this third morning it started to rain heavily, what happened? It leaks in the cellar! So dressed in a nightgown, rubber boots and with a bucket, I started to sweep in the cellar.

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The summer we spent  more or less outside in the garden, but sometimes we went inside to look at tv. This was something that coursed trouble, the fighting begun.  There was no furniture in the living room, I had ordered new ones, and  the only sofa was standing on the terrace. It took four months to get the new one, in the meantime, we fought about one chair.

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Well, well what about this garden. The weed had to be controlled!  By me, I soon found out. But what am I supposed to take away, and what is real plants? I had no idea. How come that the weed that you doesn't want grow fastest? It felt like an endless job. Of course I made a lot of mistakes, throwing away plants together with the weed. Ok I did  know what roses looked like, but that was about all.

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When the autumn arrived I strolled around in my garden and planned for next summer.  As it is an old garden, the trees are very tall. Witch makes it hard to reach the fruit. I decided to cut the trees into normal height. Without hesitation I brought the ladder, and the only rusty saw in the house. And then all the neighbors could se a shining red figure swinging high up in a tree, trying to saw and bend the branches.( Behind their curtains.) Mother nature made a wonderful job, by repairing the trees from my attack. All trees look wonderful this year.

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This spring it was time to plant seed, that was supposed become plants later on.  We started to plant seed in the dining room. Small pots, earth, seed and water was brought in. When we had finished it was just to wait. So we did, soon small plans were coming up. That just as soon died! We started from the beginning again, and soon  small plants were coming up. That just as soon died. That was it! I took the small packages with seed and threw the seed right in the flower beds. That certainly didn't make it better. Now in the autumn we can see the result, very, very tiny plant that was supposed to grow big at summertime. Procentuellt maybe not bad, well I don't know?

But nowadays I buy grown up plants, ready to put in the earth. It's easier.
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