It is really not that hard, you just have to see it the right way. The eye:
Draw two lemons

Draw two lemons and,
fill in the eye.



The nose:
Imagine a bird that is flying,
but it is flying in a parenthesis.                      
 As easy as that, it became a nose!                     

Why you need a piece of paper.
  •  To check if you color is to wet or to dry.
  • To check if you have the right shade of a color.
  • And if you at the same time as check the brush at the paper spin it, you will get a  very fine tip at the brush.



    When you are ready to paint your picture.
  • Turn the paper around instead of trying to paint under the brush.

      This is a simple practice, to make the pupils realize that you will get black from the three colors, yellow, blue and red, if you mix them together.

    You must only use, red, yellow and blue. Mix them together on a piece of paper, and mix until you get black. When you have got black, write your name at the back of the paper, and put it on the white board. The pupils can now begin their contest. Witch one of the pupils have made the blackest piece. The one that wins will get the bun.( Or something else that has a fair price)


    Imagine that you are going too build a little box. For this you buy a peace of wood. In the store they just sell pieces that are about 2 meters long.  What do you do?? Of course you cut it into smaller pieces that will fit your purpose. This is exactly what you have to do with your picture. Why keep the bad parts of the picture?

    You can do it very simple.
    Use 4 papers, put them around the picture so that they will cover the picture's edges.
    This is a simple trick. Just move the blank papers around until you get the perfect  piece of the picture.


    Or make  two angels out of hard pieces of paper. These you can also move around until you get the perfect piece of the picture.
    Make them about 12 x 40 cm. A 90 degrees angel and 12 x 20 cm.


    If you after this  put some glue on the back of the picture and put on a colored piece of paper that is a little bit bigger than the picture you will get a frame.

    If you put all pictures up on a wall. All children will feel very proud,
     and the wall will look very nice.